Shown at Espacio Iniciarte Córdoba ↗ , produced within the framework of Junta de Andalucía 'Iniciarte' programme to support artists. Catalogue texts by Marta Echaves and Alejandra López Gabrielidis

Digital Afterlife is a video installation that explores the tensions that occur between our digital identity and physical death. The main piece is a video, Spektra, in which the artist builds a fiction around the character of Spektra, a YouTuber worried about her online heritage that decides to hire digital legacy management services. Towards the end of the video, Spektra explains that this YouTube video was programmed to be published three days after her death, that is, she is a digital ghost that connects with us from the cloud.

The exhibition has two complementary pieces to the video: 35.4K followers’ flowers for カツオ, a miniature memorial for a real Japanese influencer hamster who died in 2021; and Contacto de Legado Digital, which shows the contractual document where the artist declares her sister as her digital legacy contact and states which is her digital will


Shown at Aragon Park II ↗ , group show at an abandoned office building in Madrid's Periferia

In this interrupted building, the holes, the graffitis, the cracking and the debris expel some violence. During my first visit to Aragon Park I felt some fear and adrenaline, an autonomous answer of my body.

In the face of danger, the nervous system dilates the pupils, speeds up pulse rate and breathing and increases muscular strength, preparing the body to fight or run away. It’s a chemical, visceral and unconscious reaction, deeply rooted in our animal instinct, that reminds us we can be prey.

As a woman, this underlying violence isn’t something punctual nor exclusive from this space. It's a systemic problem: it is in the streets, at work, in publicity, at home… An aggressiveness that forces us to think intelligent self-defence mechanisms and to regenerate the wounds it leaves us.

Handmade Sugru + Nail polish + Acrylic paint

Variable measures


Solo show at Tuesday to Friday ↗ , Valencia

It is very complicated to be an active artist with the actual life standards ruled by the neoliberal logics of hiperformance, self-exploitation, speculation and precariousness. But it is even harder to be an emergent artist. To produce art is a decision closer to an ascetic exercise of faith than to a professional one. Add to Wishlist is an ironic exercise of superstition where I invoke magic places to formulate those frustrated desires, which is to say, the basic lacks of a generation. Thus, the supernatural, the fabled and the supertitious traverses the exhibition.

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Installation views

Installation views

For richer, for poorer

Acrylic on canvas and flocked vynil

22x33 cm

For richer, for poorer (detail)

When do we start to die? (detail)

Acrylic on canvas

130x97 cm

Technocapitalism is over

Acrylic on canvas

50x92,5 cm

Technocapitalism is over (detail)

Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice

Acrylic on canvas + ramp

250x170 cm

Hoja de sala

Methacrylate display + prints on edible paper

28x23,5x10 cm

Hoja de sala (detail)

Add to wishlist

Fake eyelash + printed fabric + manicure practice hand

50x30x28 cm

Add to wishlist (detail)

Free time

Watch mechanism + iron + acrylic and fluorescent paint on wood

55x76x8 cm

Free time (nocturne view)

The fountain of youth

Jesmonite + epoxi + tiles + 3D print + water pump + bitcoins + coffee

63x80x60 cm

The fountain of youth (detail)

The fountain of youth (detail)

The fountain of youth (detail) Sound on recommendation for full experience


Shown at MAZE, group show curated by @Eladio Aguilera at ChezKit ↗, Paris

MAZE is a project based on the idea of the laberynth to generate a space that multiplies points of view and strolls. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?, displayed at the exhibition, reflects on the hostile conditions of cultural and creative employability, versus the increasing competitiveness of the sector. This work refers specifically to the paradoxical questions asked at jobs interviews for temporary contracts, such as where do you see yourself in the future.

Acrylic on canvas

275x90 cm


Shown at EDÉN, group show curated by CASANTILLÓN ↗ at Casa de Campo, Madrid

The sky is the limit is a site-specific project for free use that took place by the ending of the first COVID Lockdown at Casa de Campo. The kite, besides being a symbol for freedom –perhaps quite appropiate after a confinement, is inserted in corporate marketing tradition as promotionals gifts. The sky is the limit revises pharmaceutical merchandising and underlines illness privatization throughout irony.

Lola and me flying Dormidina and Multicentrum kites at EDÉN

Multicentrum Kite

Acrylic on kite

71x63 cm

Lexapro (20mg) Kite

Acrylic on kite

71x63 cm

Dormidina (25mg) Kite

Acrylic on kite

71x63 cm

Pharmaton Kite

Acrylic on kite

71x63 cm

Valium Diazepam (5mg) Kite

Acrylic on kite

71x63 cm

Alexis flying Valium Diazepam (5mg) at EDÉN


Trying to pay a home and a studio rent requires a very stable balance. In Feng Shui and Zhen tradition, stability and inner calm comes from the communion with nature such as rocks, water o sound. Nonetheless, if you don't have the time to soothe your soul while fighting economic frustration, you can always buy a product device that promises equilibrium.

Rocks + Wood + PowerBalance

50x70x30 cm

FAST&HAPPY 2.0 2020

Shown at CORRIENTE ALTERNA, CORRIENTE CONTINUA, group show curated by @Daniel Silvo at Galería Nueva ↗, Madrid

Fast&Happy 2.0 reflects on the velocity of the ways of contemporary living in the context of neoliberal production. The medicines that appear in Fast&Happy 2.0 substitute the presence, for instance, of a religious print or a protector saint; and function as a guiding icon that ensures the busy path of an always front-looking gaze.

Fast&Happy 2.0

Oil on paper + wheels + sugru

82x75x12 cm


For a while I couldn't afford a studio and I worked in my own bedroom, at scarcely one meter from my own bed. When coping with these conditions, the most efficient medium for me was painting. It allows to project complex ideas in a very reduced space. Also, its storage and price are relatively affordable. This body of work is a clear reflection of the contemporary precarious ways of production.

Bedroom-studio views

Tax Free

Acrylic on canvas

146x91 cm


Acrylic on canvas

116x81 cm

Please me

Acrylic on canvas

50x50 cm

Psychological Baggage

Acrylic on canvas

116x89 cm

Admin Reveal

Acrylic on canvas

130x97 cm

Which came first?

Acrylic on paper

110x85 cm


Acrylic on paper + glitter

143x87 cm

Humans have religion, I just have silicon

Acrylic on paper

145x106 cm

The Milky Way

Acrylic on paper

95x98 cm

Você merece um alívio

Acrylic on paper

115x79 cm

Not Sorry

Acrylic on paper

72x72 cm